• Open low field MRI use magnets with a field strength of <5000 Gauss (0.5 Tesla).
  • At these field strengths, permanent magnets with open design are possible.
  • Electro-magnetic radiation is only about 1% of a 3 Tesla MRI.
  • They are very safe: no danger of magnetic forces, no ´missile effects´.
  • They are specially suited for patients with:
    claustrophobia, obesity, pregnancy,
    for children,
    and for patients with biomedical implants or foreign bodies.

  • MRI in anesthesia is facilitated.
  • Image quality of modern low field MRI is excellent:
    They use multi-channel coils, strong gradient fields, and state-of-teh art signal- and image processing.
    They offer good T1-contrast, low susceptibility (metal elements) and low motion artifacts.

  • And: They are sustainable!
    The magnet has a life cycle of 100 years.

    The solar energy of our roof-top is sufficient for use.
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